Hosted Platform for Accounting Firms

platform-headshoteProcessPros offers CPA Firms a private, customizable, and affordable hosted technology platform that efficiently and effectively supports accounting software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree, and provides tools for collaboration between their staff and their small and medium business clients.

Competition between accounting firms continues to increase in ferocity as clients look to improve efficiency and trim costs. The business services sector is one of only a few industry segments projected to grow as the economy struggles to recover. Wise Certified Public Accounting Firms can improve their competitive advantage by offering clients more efficient ways of managing their accounting and financial reporting, such as the implementing eProcessPro’s hosted technology platform.

eProcessPros’ proprietary hosted technology platform provides a scalable and secure solution for transactional accounting firms to:

Our hosted technology platform simplifies the management of your CPA Firm’s transactional accounting services. The Fortune 500 level technology is affordable for certified public accounting Firms, and supports popular accounting software packages from all top named suppliers, including QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting.

Our technology infrastructure eliminates headaches that come with managing your own in-house IT systems. Now your Firm has access to a secure, proven system that supports all your accounting applications.

eProcessPros’ Technology Platform makes easy work of securing, maintaining and delivering all your client’s accounting needs. You never spend valuable time with server crashes, intrusive viruses or backing up critical data. Our total-process, headache-free technology platform saves valuable time and resources better applied to making your firm grow.

Ready to learn more about how the eProcessPro’s hosted platform for accounting firms can give you the technology tools for a win-win solution for your clients and your business? Contact eProcessPros today for a free product demo.

Hosted Platform Tools and Features

Build a custom technology platform with the following functionality:

Security Features

Rest assured that your client’s and Firm’s data is safe. We take the worries and expense out of hosting your own platform with: certified-security_icon
  • Multiple levels of Fortune 500 quality network security, virus protection and firewalls to guard against malware, spyware and hacker intrusions,
  • Automatically updated programs and critical software patches,
  • Robust, built-in hardware and software redundancy that’s completely affordable for the small and medium transactional accounting firm.